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Committed to the Future

At HRS, to protect and hand on our planet to the next generation, is a core corporate value. Producing 9% of the global carbon emissions, the travel industry remains an integral contributor to the global warming and climate change threat.


With the Green Index, HRS is committed to minimize the impact of the hospitality industry  to the global warming potential. The initiative aims to provide full transparency through normalized data and recommendations for more sustainable hospitality services.

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Available to all hotels globally

 HRS has invited all hotel partners globally to their individual account on the HRS Hotel Audit Portal. 

Hotel partners can easily study the Green Index methodology and confirm their individual contribution to sustainability under continuous monitoring. Where an independent third party has audited the implementation, additional data can be provided easily within the assessment process.  

"COVID-19 has fundamentally changed the world. It remains our priority to ensure our customers' continued health and safety. With this new protocol we help our partners to deliver a consistent standard while enhancing transparency for our customers."

- Tobias Ragge, CEO HRS GROUP

Staying green with the Green Index:

Standardized reporting for all hotels and intuitive decision-making experiences for travelers



Developed by the industry

Green Index is based on the Hotel Carbon Measurement Initiative (HCMI) established by leading Hotel Associations and the World Travel & Tourism Council.


Globally standardized

Green Index and HCMI are aligned to the GHG Protocol's Corporate Standard and Product Lifecycle Standard, and follows ISO14064-1.


Continuously updated

Data under the Green Index is collected and reported for a twelve month period leading to footprint data never being more than 18 months old.


Practical output

Corporate decision makers and end consumers are provided with a normalized and intuitive experience when choosing among suppliers.


Monitored by experts

The HCMI methodology is developed under advisory of KPMG and the World Resources Institute (WRI), a GHG Protocol development partner.


Extensively validated

The Green Index HCMI methodology's practicality was tested with over 50 hotels of different type, class, geography and ownership.


Exhaustive scope

Green Index incorporates all GHG emissions from activities within the premises including restaurants, meeting spaces, spas and gyms as well as back of house facilities.


Green Heroes support

Hospitality suppliers are enabled to make their efforts in use of renewable energy and sustainable production transparent.